New and revised phosphorus and biological standards

Following a consultation that ended on 28th February 2013,  UKTAG has finalised its recommendations on 1) biological standards for rivers, lakes, coastal and estuaries and 2) phosphorus standards for rivers.

Final recommendations on phosphorus standards for rivers

Final recommmendations on new and updated biological standards

PLEASE NOTE: the method statements outlined in the annex of the biological standards recommendations have been superseeded by updated versions.  Please navigate to Resources / Biological Standard Methods to access the latest version.

Minor amendments have been made since November, detailed in the change log.  The recommendations linked above have been updated accordingly.

The revised 2013 Phosphorus Standards for Rivers benefits from improvements in understanding of the relationship between phosphorus concentrations and the response of river plant communities. They have been derived using a new approach to setting phosphorus standards that produces site-specific estimates of natural phosphorus concentrations, taking account of a site’s alkalinity and altitude.

The consultation process and responses are available here.

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