Phase 3 of the review of standards completed - November 2013

Phase 3 of the review of environmental standards is now complete (06/11/2013).  This incorporates:

  • Review of environmental standards (16 specific pollutants, groundwater threshold values for risk, invasive non-native species, river flows (mid and high), water levels in lakes, intermittent discharges and acidification in rivers)
  • Review of phosphorus standards in rivers
  • Review of biological standards (including methods for macrophytes, phytobenthos, benthic invertebrates, fish, phytoplankton, macroalgae and angiosperms)
  • River flows for good ecological potential (published 04/12/2013)

These documents can be found under the 'Resources - Environmental Standards' section, and for the River Flows for GEP, the 'Resources - Assessing the status of the water environment' section.