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UKTAG and JAGDAG have published the finalised methodology for determining hazardous substances, the list of determinations and the standards that can be used to assess inputs of hazardous substances into groundwater.

As part of an evidence gathering exercise ahead of Abstraction Reform, the Environment Agency have recently contracted a consortium of consultants, led by CEH to carry out a systematic evidence review to collate and summarise investigations into the effect and impact of artificial alteration of flow on the ecology in British rivers.

To ensure that we are taking into account the most up to date evidence currently available, we are seeking any unpublished reports or studies that may have been undertaken that include an element of ecological appraisal / study of ecological data to determine the impact of artificial flow alteration on river ecology. 

Many of the method statements have been updated, particularly the biological method statements.  These are filed under the Resources section which displays the documents in date order (most recent first), or you can use the tick box search on the left of the window when you are in the Resources section.  

Phase 3 of the review of environmental standards is now complete (06/11/2013).  This incorporates:

  • Review of environmental standards (16 specific pollutants, groundwater threshold values for risk, invasive non-native species, river flows (mid and high), water levels in lakes, intermittent discharges and acidification in rivers)
  • Review of phosphorus standards in rivers
  • Review of biological standards (including methods for macrophytes, phytobenthos, benthic invertebrates, fish, phytoplankton, macroalgae and angiosperms)
  • River flows for good ecological potential (published 04/12/2013)

These documents can be found under the 'Resources - Environmental Standards' section, and for the River Flows for GEP, the 'Resources - Assessing the status of the water environment' section.